Easy recruitment advertising fix #001: Stop overbuying credits!

Posted on 7th August 2023 by Phil Brown

You’ve signed up to the job board and agreed terms, you’ve pored over the different credit system options, but it still happens – you blow a chunk of your budget on job advert credits, then suddenly find you don’t have anymore live jobs, and you can’t get your money back or roll them over.

It’s an error more common that you’d like to think, and the job boards know this! The guidelines can be blurry and terms strict, so there’s no shame in falling for the old overbuying trick.

The other side of overbuying credits is that it eats into your overall discount if the credits aren’t being used at all, making that great deal seem expensive all of a sudden.

So what can be done to stop those credits sitting unused, and becoming more expensive by the day?

Work with a media strategist

Job boards and their terms are designed to be complex to ensure you have a great range of features and exposure levels, but also to ensure the job board makes money!

Working with a media buyer or media strategist will allow you to tap into job board expertise you may not have. This means the strategist can spot an overbuy, or do the credit handling for you so you don’t end up with an account packed with credits that aren’t doing anything for you.

You’ll also benefit from any relationships or special discounts the media strategist has access to that you don’t, making the right number of credits even cheaper.

View your job board agreement as a relationship

Guess what? Your job board wants you to stay loyal and buy more credits again next year. If they’ve tricked you into buying too many credits, or are being inflexible, then it’s time to call them out – or apologise for not reading the paperwork properly and beg for a refund or a rollover.

If your job board values your business, then it shouldn’t be a problem.

If they refuse, then maybe reconsider and speak to a different job board – or go back to point one and ask your media strategist to do it for you.

Now that you’ve solved your credit overbuying, you can stretch your budget further, or hopefully free up some spend for something else. Even if your job board agrees a discount for next time, or allows you to transfer your unused credit spend to something else, then it’s still a win!

Get in touch with Artfully Media to see how our media strategists can advise and even manage your job board credits to ensure you aren’t falling for the job board credit tricks, or are putting yourself in danger of buying too much inventory by not having time to check the terms!

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