Easy recruitment advertising fix #002: Stop negotiating with job boards directly

Posted on 21st September 2023 by Phil Brown

Recruiters and job boards live in a weird, reliant relationship, almost like a tug of war where money is the rope. Job boards are all about promising maximum exposure for maximum investment, promising to fill all jobs and making life easier for recruiters.

The truth is that job boards are focused on the highest bidder, and a big retainer or repeat purchase of ad credits is more important than filled roles.

The result? You’ll enter into a negotiation with the job board that usually results in what you perceive as a win-win. But in reality, the job board always wins.

The ‘credits’ make the advertising space seem finite, and that you have a limited amount of room on the job board to get what you need.

But let’s remember, the internet will never run out of space, and the job boards only prioritise, rather than limit.

This is why using an agency to negotiate with the job boards on your behalf makes a lot of sense. But why?

  1. Media buying agencies get preferential rates, because they buy in bulk. By negotiating a serious amount of ad credits for multiple clients, everyone benefits from economies of scale

  2. Job board wants media buying agencies to bring them more business, so they usually offer discounted prices that can be passed on to the client

  3. Media buying agency sales teams are incentivised to bring more business to the job boards, so they’ll build good long term relationships with good rates for their clients to ensure consistent commissions

  4. You can pass over nasty negotiating to sales people who can argue just as well as those who work for the job boards

  5. You won’t suffer from common job board rookie errors, like buying too many credits or forgetting to use them before they expire

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